Wednesday, July 28, 2010



One of the earliest human remains we have found was a man on a trading trip who was frozen in the Italian alps; he was carrying tools toward a trading outpost when he fell and died. Trading has been a part of our culture since pre-history times because it satisfies many basic human wants: adventure, socialization, diversity of possessions, reducing hunger and enjoying travel, among many others. It's fair to say that the desire for trade and profits is a basic human desire.

Another basic human desire is to be safe. Most groups of people create governments in order to make their lives safer. We expect that our government will prevent foreign invasions and catch criminals and murderers. Sometimes it happens that the government we create to make us safer also encourages our desires for commercial activities. Unfortunately, sometimes the government we create to make us safe interferes with our desires for trade and business activity.

The McKEEVER INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC POLICY ANALYSIS (hereafter MIEPA) is a small, privately funded organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind through the promotion of sound economic policies. MIEPA's has created a list of government policies which promote both commercial activity and safety when they are followed.

The policies MIEPA promotes recognize the experience of many countries which have experimented with a wide variety of policy options. MIEPA's policies are based on maximum economic freedom within a country's borders, trade management to prevent foreign currency imbalances and a realistic approach to political systems. MIEPA believes sound economic policies can coexist with a variety of political systems. These policies produce economic growth within any country. They explicitly allow for both non-GNP wealth creation as well as traditional GNP growth. You are encouraged to forward your conclusions about the recommended polices or the effectiveness of any particular government to MIEPA at the addresses beolw.


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